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"Every time you donate an item...


reduction in carbon & waste footprint


water savings


reduction in resource costs

Here's How It Works


Customer shops online or in-store with your brand.


Scans the campaign QR code (on packaging, confirmation email, or in-store).


Schedules a donation pickup through a personalized experience and donates preloved goods from home.


Receives exclusive offers from your brand for doing good, and a chance to get featured!

Multiple Benefits

Deeper Connection with your TG

By making it easy for your customers to discard their preloved items responsibly, you connect with your TG through impact driven core values.

Competitive Edge: Lead the change

Be the pioneer of change in your industry - stand out and reach/engage with your customers through less cluttered channels.

Customer retention

Delight your customers by rewarding them with exclusive discount vouchers from your brand for donating their preloved goods and solidify a lasting connection with your customers!

Create Impact

Motivate your TG to responsibly discard their preloved items and save the environment by extending life of their goods and spread smiles as well!

Integrating Circularity across Sectors

Since 2014, we have been on a mission to transform the way the world approaches circularity.

We are joining hands with conscious brands across various sectors to come along this journey and unlock the value of closing the loop together!

Learn how we are engaging customers across various sectors to ...

E-commerce & Retail stores

Provide customers an easy way to donate preloved clothes, shoes, home appliances, electronics, accessories, toys, mattresses, watches, sports equipments etc. each time they buy new ones

Offer your customers a guilt-free shopping experience by enabling them to responsibly part ways with their preloved items. Our initiative is designed to bring significant value to your customers, elevating their offline and online experiences while making a positive impact on the environment and society.

By participating in this initiative, our conscious brand partners have witnessed remarkable results, engaging their customers in a fun and impactful manner and fostering deeper connections, which has led to significant improvements in customer retention rates, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and overall loyalty.

For retail stores, in addition to these benefits, the initiative has also resulted in increased store footfall and gained recognition among conscious customers, further enhancing engagement and visibility.

Join the Sustainability Revolution and experience the magic of customer engagement with circularity!

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Enhance customer engagement by seamlessly integrating circularity into the purchasing experience of your products.

Provide your customers with an interactive and personalised journey by incorporating circularity QR codes within your products. These QR codes unlock a variety of impact-driven actions customised to each customer, fostering a stronger connection between them and your brand while making a positive contribution to the environment and society.

By actively participating in this initiative, our brand partners have effectively connected with their target audience, forging a meaningful bond based on shared sustainability values. As a result, they have gained increased trust, recognition, and loyalty from conscious customers. This strategic integration, coupled with its dual impact, has significantly enhanced customer experiences, leading to notable improvements in customer retention rates, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and overall brand loyalty.

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Food Ordering Services, Cafes, and Eateries

Unlock the full potential of your restaurant or cafe by joining hands with us in our "Circular Infinity: Eat Good, Do Good" initiative. Provide your customers with a personalized experience, allowing them to effortlessly schedule a donation pickup while they wait for their food, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

By becoming part of this initiative, you not only attract conscious diners, ultimately boosting customer loyalty and footfall but also gain access to a new target audience through our enthusiastic brand partners, including dating apps, events, travel platforms etc. These partners have joined hands to promote the initiative, encouraging their customers to dine at partner restaurants, significantly increasing footfall and expanding your reach, ultimately benefiting your business.

You'll not only benefit from increased visibility but also get featured in our e-book. Your restaurant will share the spotlight with 150 others that are making a significant impact. This showcases your commitment to creating a better world and highlights your dedication to this initiative.

Join us today and become a vital part of a movement that not only benefits the planet but also contributes to your business's success.

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Healthcare: Hospitals and Pharmacies

Provide your esteemed clientele with a seamless avenue to responsibly dispose of their unused medicines and medical devices through our dedicated take-back program. This proactive approach ensures that these items are kept out of rivers and soil, safeguarding against improper disposal.

Your customers can effortlessly arrange for a sponsored or discounted donation pickup from the convenience of their homes. This initiative enables them to contribute medicines and other relevant medical items that they no longer require, as long as they remain within their usable period (not expired). By doing so, we prevent these items from being wrongly discarded and instead redirect them within the system, generating a dual impact that benefits both society and the environment.

By joining forces with us through the Circular Infinity initiative, healthcare institutes have effectively heightened awareness about the significance of correct unused medicine disposal. This endeavor cultivates a deeper connection with their clientele, instilling a sense of fulfillment and empowerment as they contribute to amplifying positive impact.

Let's collectively commit to this transformative journey and pave the way for a more sustainable and health-conscious future.

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Fitness centers and Gyms

Empower your members to contribute meaningfully every time they visit your center/outlet.

Provide a seamless avenue for your customers to donate their preloved sports equipment, clothes, coffee mugs, and more by participating in the Circular Infinity initiative. It's as simple as scanning the QR code located at various points within the center, enabling them to experience personalized giving and conveniently schedule a donation pickup from their residences. This innovative initiative ensures that their possessions discover renewed purpose, aligning perfectly with their dedication to sustainability and responsible consumption.

Through participation in this endeavor, our conscious brand partners have witnessed remarkable outcomes. This engaging and impactful approach not only fortifies customer connections but also bolsters customer retention rates, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and overall loyalty. For fitness centers, this initiative has even led to increased foot traffic and heightened recognition among environmentally-conscious customers, further amplifying engagement and visibility.

Become a part of the Sustainability Revolution and embrace the captivating synergy of customer engagement through circular practices!

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Travel and Tourism

Empower travelers to make a difference as they journey to new destinations.

Offer a seamless platform for tourists and travelers to easily donate items they no longer need while exploring new horizons. Whether it's stationery from conferences they attended, souvenirs like the big teddy bear they purchased, groceries they overestimated, or even pillows they won't carry further – our initiative ensures these items find a new purpose and positively impact local communities.

By participating in the Circular Travel initiative, travelers can contribute responsibly during their trips. This innovative approach enables them to scan a QR code in-flight or at various travel points to arrange for convenient donations. This not only lightens their load but also connects them to a network of meaningful giving across borders.

Our partnership in this endeavor allows tourism and travel industries to showcase their commitment to sustainability and responsible travel. By facilitating an easy and impactful donation process, businesses can enhance customer experiences and cultivate a sense of shared responsibility.

Let's join hands to make each journey more purposeful and transform travel into an avenue of positive change. Embrace the synergy of circular practices and elevate the essence of exploration for a greener, more compassionate world.

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Real Estate - Premium clubs, Hotels & restaurants, Malls

Provide your community with the "gift of giving" by helping them responsibly let go of their preloved items.

Unlock the full impact potential of your communities through collaborative engagement, amplifying your sustainability efforts. Our aim is to bring significant value to your community, empowering them to give new life to their pre-loved clothes and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

By participating in this initiative, conscious establishments and real estate groups have effectively engaged their communities through impactful gamified experiences and theme based donation pickups, effectively communicating their core values. Through the complementary co-branded changemakers certificates/rewards for the most engaged communities and residents, they cultivate brand loyalty, recognition, and love from their community.

Join the Sustainability Revolution and experience the magic of collaborative engagement with circularity!

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Banks and Fintech

Step into the forefront of your industry by introducing exclusive circularity incentives tailored to stakeholders, corporate clients, and customers.

Enhance your benefits portfolio by incorporating the concept of the "gift of giving" – providing personalized experiences for effortlessly parting with preloved possessions.

Through active participation in these initiatives, our financial firm partners are  effectively able to communicate their organization's core values, emphasizing a profound commitment to both people and the planet. This fosters a stronger and more meaningful connection with their customer base.

This strategic alignment not only enhances customer experiences and bolsters brand loyalty, but also generates tangible advantages for financial institutions. Embracing the Sustainability Revolution empowers your institution to enact genuine change while embracing the transformative power of collaborative circular engagement.

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Professional Organising & Interior Decoration

Offer your customers a personalized giving experience as they embark on a decluttering journey or decide to rejuvenate their living spaces.

Your customers can easily schedule a sponsored or discounted donation pickup from the comfort of their homes by scanning a QR code exclusively designed for your clientele. This engaging and innovative approach serves as a lighthearted way to initiate their clutter-free journey or breathe new life into a freshly designed space.

By partnering with us through this Circular Infinity initiative, professional organizers and interior designers have significantly enhanced their customer experiences, thereby boosting customer retention rates and fostering a deeper connection with their clientele.

Let's unite in the effort to declutter for good and unveil the enchantment of a clutter-free, sustainable space. Embrace the extraordinary potential of initiating this new chapter with circularity, making a dual impact on people and the planet.

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Performing Arts: Musicians, Artists, and Performers

Encourage your fans to join a purposeful circularity movement.

Offer your audience a convenient way to part with their preloved items - whether they're music instruments, books, clothes, and more - through the Circular Infinity initiative. By scanning an exclusive QR code designed solely for your audience, your fans can infuse new life into their cherished belongings, experiencing a personalized donation pickup process. Show your appreciation with co-branded changemaker certificates or discounts for your upcoming concerts/performances. Together, you can wield significant influence by curbing waste and actively contributing to a more sustainable world.

Through alignment with our Circular Infinity initiative, music bands and performers can extend their impact beyond the stage. By nurturing a sense of responsibility and connection among their fans, they foster a significant ecosystem where art and sustainability converge, strengthening the bond between artist and audience.

Let's synchronize our efforts for positive change and unveil the magic of collective contributions that echo a commitment to a greener, more vibrant world.

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Schools and Colleges

Inspire and motivate your kids to embrace sustainability and circularity. Become a part of our Circular Infimity initiative by introducing QR Codes right within your school premises, complemented by a captivating visual representation showcasing the simplicity of decluttering and donating preloved items. Students can effortlessly scan the QR codes to enjoy a personalized donation experience that's easy and fun.

By participating in this initiative, schools and other educational establishments can engage students through impactful gamified experiences, making the giving process more enjoyable, rewarding, and collaborative. Through complementary co-branded changemaker certificates and rewards for the most engaged student bodies or individuals, they can kickstart their own sustainability journey while raising awareness and serving as influencers to engage others and amplify the impact.

Let’s provide the young changemakers with hands-on opportunities to create a positive impact on their community and the environment. Together, let's pave the way for a more conscientious and circular future.

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Our clients have observed


Surge in repeat
purchase rate


Rise in NPS


Increase in amplification
and engagement rate


Uptick in discount coupon
redemption rates

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Harnessing the Power of Community for amplified impact

Donate, Reuse, Transform.

Thanks to the collective efforts of participating brands, countless reusable items have been reused, leading to reduced carbon, waste, and water footprints, as well as lowered resource costs.


pcs of Apparels




Furniture items


Home Appliances
& Electronics


pairs of Shoes




pcs of Kitchenware


pcs of Sports Equipment

Power of Community!

The Media ❤ Loves Us

The team, so far, has facilitated donations for over 1 million users through supporting 120+ NGOs. They have worked with 100+ companies/brand partners including ITC, Narayana Health, Snapdeal, Nautica, The Chopras, Freecharge, Soti, Akamai, Randstad, Crack Verbal, GSK, Uber, LinkedIn, Society General etc.
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Share At Door Step was founded in India in 2015, and has launched in Singapore in response to high demand for the service, which arranges for pre-loved items to be picked up from people's doorsteps and shuttled to charities.
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An algorithm is created with which the appropriate NGO is chosen for specific items. "The whole process is tech-driven. There is no manual intervention. We have an NGO-matching algorithm that matches their requirements in real-time..." During COVID-19, the startup helped with delivering the essentials to the needy, ranging from food to sanitary pads and other necessary items.
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As a caring and responsible company, Duroflex has partnered with SADS India (Share At Door Step), a cause-led ecommerce platform, to recycle the old mattresses collected as part of the exchange program. The goal is to dispose of the old mattresses in a responsible manner and avoid environmental impact caused by discarded mattresses.
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