Get rewarded for every step you take in your giving journey with Share At Door Step! “Share Points” is our way of thanking you for all the happiness you spread by giving away your unwanted goods to someone in need.

Dive into a world of unparalleled rewards with Share Points. Earn rewards each time you give a new life to those unwanted goods by giving them to someone in need.

How it works?

1) Give away unwanted goods
Raise a donation pickup/drop request with us and give away your unwanted goods to someone in need.

2) Earn and accumulate “Share points”
Earn “Share Points” for each fulfilled request and explore the wide range of exciting rewards (Coming soon).

3) Redeem for exclusive rewards
Your share points, your call! Choose from a hand picked selection of rewards -from enchanting stays, autographed sports memorabilia, discounted vouchers and gift cards from the brands you love, meetings with your favourite celebrities & visionaries, and much more!