In 1991, Sabina Solomon joined a local orphanage near her home in Shivajinagar, Bangalore as a volunteer. Sabina began by cooking meals for the orphans. Over time, her duties grew to include tutoring the children and searching for steady sources of donor funding.
Some of our children are true orphans, having lost both parents. But most arrive from homes simply too poor or too challenged to take care of them. But all that changes on the day they arrive. In fact, from that moment forward, they are no longer orphans at all. They are part of an ever-changing family that encourages them to dream, to grow and to aspire for something more.
The children at Angels Orphanage lead happy, optimistic lives. The orphanage works as a unit, with the older residents acting as role models for younger ones, who in turn look out for each other. There are chores to be done and studies to take seriously. But music, dancing, games, and eating sweets are some of the children’s favorite leisure activities.