Asha Niketan provides residential, educational, vocational and outreach services for adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

HOMES: Home is the place to be myself:  to cry my tears, to laugh, to be with the other.

Some of the communities have one home; others have up to 3 homes situated close to each other where a mixed group of people with intellectual disabilities and their assistants live together. The homes provide a safe place for people with intellectual disability where deep relationships can be explored and we can open up to love and healing. The daily rhythm of making home provides each member with tasks and responsibilities where each can learn to use their capacities to the full and creatively share the gift of life.

SHELTERED WORKSHOPS: I have the dignity of work, a wage and contributing to my society

Depending on the location, daily work in our communities includes gardening, agriculture, craft work of various types and candle making etc. The sale of the products helps us reach out to the wider world and also earn a small wage.

DEVELOPMENT CENTRES: I explore my gifts and develop skills

Therapeutic activities and development education targeting mostly children with intellectual disabilities are an important feature of our communities.

OUTREACH WORK: I reach out to my neighbourhood

Unable to accommodate large numbers, outreach programmes in some of the communities reach out to children who cannot come to Asha Niketan.  Assistants regularly visit homes having children with intellectual disabilities, offering technical input, friendship and support to the family.