Lamp Education and charitable Trust is a non-benefit association in India is to engage oppressed kids, youth, and ladies through pertinent training, imaginative medical services, and market-centered occupation programs.

Lamp Education and charitable Trust is to convey the most ideal procedure and innovation for accomplishing ideal SROI (social profit from venture), to rehearse and advance great administration. To connect the business seriousness of the corporate with social advancement drives; additionally, to sharpen special youngsters, youth and residents overall to advance Civic Driven Change.


  • Function as encouragement in acquiring reasonable change the existences of underprivileged youngsters, youth, and ladies, with a day-to-day existence cycleway to deal with improvement.
  • To empower common societies all around the world to participate actively in the change cycle using the paradigm of municipal-driven change.
  • Take on best expectations of administration to arise as the main information and innovation-driven, creative, and versatile global advancement association.