A Non-Profit Organization, Tare Zameen Foundation registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 vide registration No. 2320/4 dated 19th Dec2018. We hope for a discrimination-free future and act towards making that a reality where people don’t have to fight for their necessities, rights and security. We focus on enabling equal access to quality education, healthcare, shelter, food, and water for all. Take Tare Zameen Foundation works with the most vulnerable and Marginalized members of our society to ensure they get the opportunities they deserve to improve their lives as well as their future generation.

Mission: To educate, organize and empower the poor community to promote the Sustainable Development Goals as liberation forces with the aim of enabling an environment conducive to self- empowerment, gender equality, social justice and sustainable development. To eradicate poverty by improving the quality of life of the poor and disadvantaged community through meaningful socio-economic development through self-empowerment.