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Why stash your old phone, laptops and tablets in a drawer when they could be help underprivileged kids continue their education online?

While our NGO partners are offering online courses to help aid the education of underprivileged kids, lack of ready access to a mobile phones means they can’t take these lessons live.

On the other side, millions of phones are thrown into trash—even more are hiding away in store rooms. Give your phones new life and help kids attend their classes online.

Take part in our campaign #VirtualClassroom and put your old mobiles, laptops, tablets to good use.

How it works?

Take part in #VirtualClassroom campaign by following the below steps:

  1. Click on BOOK NOW.
  2. Enter your location. Campaign is currently live only in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.
  3. Select a convenient slot, fill in your details, make the payment and schedule a pickup.

In case you want to drop off the devices yourself, write to us at [email protected].

Top Queries:

  • Who would receive the donated devices?

    The devices will be delivered to our NGO partners. For Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi and Bangalore, the devices would be delivered to India Cares Foundation.

    For Chennai donations, the devices would directly be delivered to our NGO partner Aid India.

  • How would you manage the use a device that doesn’t support the apps available at the NGOs for online education?

    The devices that can’t be used directly at our NGO partners (because of incompatibility with the apps, usability, condition of the device or any othe reason), the same would be sent to Cashify’s refurbishment center first and then the refurbished phones would be delivered to our NGO partners.

  • Can I donate dead devices?

    Although we highly recommend you to donate the devices that are in working condition, we are accepting the devices that might require some repairs under this campaign. Our refurbishment partner Cashify would take care of the repairs and would deliver the refurbished phones (either as it or different devices with equivalent value) to our NGO partners. Cashify is also providing a 6-month warranty for all the refurbished phones provided by them during this campaign.

    P.S: The above is applicable for all cities but Chennai. For Chennai, we are directly donating the devices to our partner Aid India and there we are only accepting phones in reusable condition.

  • Can I donate laptops and tablets?

    Yes. Either the same would be passed to the students as it is or these devices will be replaced with refurbished smartphones of equivalent value before they are sent through our refurbishment partner – Cashify.

  • How can corporates take part in this initiative?

    Reach out to us at [email protected] and we will walk you through the various options available as per your requirements and company objectives.

  • My query is not listed here. How can I contact you? 

    Feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call us at 8884784742 for any queries.

Image credits – Aid India